A Story of One Heroic Teacher –Ms Lau Bee Fang

In just a blink of an eye, yet another year has passed by. It may be just another normal year for one – but for Ms Lau Bee Fang – it was one unforgettable year.
Ms Lau Bee Fang is a fellow teacher in Han Chiang High School with a working span of almost 12 years in this place. Throughout her years teaching in Han Chiang, there are ups and downs, lows and highs, but even so, she was able to overcome every one of them in her unique ways. She mainly teaches students in Senior 1 and 2 Additional Mathematics.
The Story
Teaching is not an easy task to do; she expresses that the problems she came across are faced by every teacher as well. Not all students come from the same background nor do they have the same personalities. Hence, to teach in one class, a teacher has to meet various kinds of students, teaching and transferring knowledge to them in a way they could understand in their own ways. To her, this was a challenge in itself. There were multiple occurrences where she felt like giving up as she came across students who have lazier personalities; putting in the effort, and pouring her heart to teach those students however due to their studying attitude, there aren’t any improvements which lets her down. Even so, she doesn’t give up on those students and continues to teach them patiently with all of her capabilities. Although she finds it very challenging, she spent her days joyful and happy as she builds up strong bonds with her students and communicates with them a lot. It is this relationship with her students that keeps her motivated and able to continue to get on with her day.
Her relationship with students has always been popular. In fact, it created some of her memorable moments in the school. She claims her best memories to be the communications and bonds with her students. Students who have graduated and was taught by her would often visit her and have reunions outside with her, recalling back to the times when they were still students. It brings them closer together and builds great memories for both the students and Ms Lau.
Rewinding to the past, when Ms Lau first arrived to teach at Han Chiang High School, she was a newcomer that was assigned to teaching a class of students from Thailand. Despite the fact that they had a language barrier, she never failed to teach them the things they needed to learn. She thrives hard and tries to learn some Thai and sign language to help students to understand better. Not only does it take time to learn, but it also takes patience, and she was one that would go to any length to be able to teach her students and help them in education.
To be a part of the Han Chiang High School committee, she’s grateful for her co-workers and to bring knowledge to students, testing various methods to make the class to be more enjoyable, and have a better and easier understanding of the class.
Though she still enjoys being a teacher, she still has a backup plan prepared in case she decides to quit. As known by all, MCO had drained a lot of our time. Nonetheless, she does not fail to be productive. During lockdown, she learnt to bake from tutorials on YouTube, sparking sparked a light in her. Her love for baking grew stronger as she continued to learn more about it, and maybe even in the future, she’ll dive into the arts of baking.
Student Remarks
Her students from SE12 and SE13 pointed out that Ms Lau’s classes are quite easy-going and fun as she treats her students like her own children and teaches at an appropriate pace without leaving anyone behind. At first look, she seems scary and intimidating; however, after they got to know her more, they found that it was easy to talk to her. She takes jokes lightly, and makes jokes in return, making her more approachable.
She takes her time to explain and gives multiple exercises which are great. If students have any questions or come across any difficulties, she would always help joyfully. Her capability and professionalism are astonishing and admirable. Her classes were so immersive that there were multiple occasions where none of them noticed class has ended already. They are incredibly appreciative and thankful to have Ms Lau as their teacher and to be able to be her students.
Message box:
Princeton Yeap SE12 – I’m grateful for your teaching as I’ve learnt a lot through your sharpening your skill exercise and the slides that you provide for us. I hope you’ll be our additional maths teacher next year too.
Anonymous SE12 – Thank you for teaching add maths, because, of you, I was able to score well.
Alfred Lee SE13 – Thank you teacher for your extensive efforts, and for helping students to succeed in their academic performance.
Words of Advice
For her students, she hopes for her students to realize what they are studying for. It is not to study for their parents, but for themselves. Students must be responsible for their own futures, for their future selves, as the saying goes, “Be willing to do what’s hard now to enjoy what is beautiful later. – Robin Sharma. ”
Being a student in this era, one should understand the economic situation the world is in. Yet, parents continue to work hard to provide their children are able to come to school. Learn the necessary knowledge and the responsibility of studying as a student, especially of the MCO, two years were wasted. Continue to thrive hard and realize the goal.
Not only did she provide advice to her students, but to teachers who would like to teach as well. To become a teacher, one needs to have a strong passion and love for teaching. Every job has its own difficulties, it is based on whether one’s preference to overcome them or not. Teachers will face a lot of challenges and difficult students, especially having to take care of a class.
Students are not the only ones learning during a lesson, the teacher is as well. The more a teacher teaches, the more experience gained, and the more a teacher grows with their students. There’s no need to be afraid to teach as long as one can devote themselves to this job.
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