Creativity Takes Courage: A Homecoming Journey with Lo Song Ching

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” — Albert Einstein.
Lo Song Ching, a Han Chiang High School student who graduated in 2015, returned to Han Chiang High School to revisit the place that shaped his road to success and to observe the learning process of Han Chiang students. Through perseverance and undeniable effort, Song Ching has achieved numerous remarkable accomplishments since graduating from Han Chiang High School. After graduating from Tsing Hua University in 2020, Song Ching decided to work in a glass museum where he will continue honing his artistic abilities by creating glass artefacts for the museum.
Words of gratitude
As a former member of the Arts and Crafts Society of Han Chiang High School, Song Ching claimed that the club taught him numerous drawing techniques. He expressed his gratitude to his art teacher, who recognised his potential and developed his art skills by teaching him several drawing and colouring techniques that have helped him to achieve his current success. Additionally, he conveyed his appreciation to his parents for their unwavering support throughout his life, and if it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t be who he is today.
Experiences and advice
Song Ching stated that adapting to a foreign educational environment is challenging, especially when he faces different teaching styles and methods compared to those in Malaysia. Despite these hurdles, Lo Song Ching shared his resilient approach, highlighting that he persevered and gradually adapted to the culture and lifestyle in China. Moreover, he claimed that students should follow their interests and dreams while selecting their ideal university. Students must consider their passion, and ensure that it aligns with the university they have in idea.
Besides that, Song Ching claimed that “Hard work and determination equals success. Nothing comes easy.” He advised Han Chiang students that it is crucial to cultivate a genuine interest in the subject they have chosen. This passion will serve as a driving force, keeping students motivated even in the absence of rewarding outcomes right away. Song Ching said that his secret to success is doing some extra exercises to deepen his understanding and reinforce what he has learned. He also mentioned that this also hones his art skills, preparing him for further challenges in future.
Furthermore, Song Ching reminded students that continuous studying for 24 hours is neither sustainable nor productive. While hard work is essential, he believes that students, must strike a balance and allocate time for relaxing too. However, he thinks that students should manage their time effectively and complete upcoming tasks before indulging in leisure activities.
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