Han Chiang English Elocution Competition 2022

A new year comes a new round of competitions. On 17th May 2022, the annual English Elocution Competition was held, hosted by the Han Chiang High School English Centre. The objective of this competition is to find natural speakers among the student body and allow students to explore their speaking abilities.
The judges of the competition were selected through careful consideration with the final decision being: Mr Samuel Ong Ze Yang – the Head Judge of the Junior category, Madam Julie Indra Krishnan – the Head Judge for the senior division, and Madam Luisa. The competition was carried out with ferocity as well as support between participants.
For Category C, consisting of participants from Junior 1 and Junior 2, the consolation prizes were awarded to Elise Ooi Xin Er from J1E4 and Ong Jayden from J1E2. Following on, trophies for second runner up and first runner up go to Chon Yu Qi from J1E1 and Selina Ngu Shi Qi from J2E1 respectively. Lastly, Chin Sing Yu from J2E1 takes the spot as the champion for Category C.
Next, in Category A, the consolation prizes went to Yong Shir Lynn and Crystal Choong Ka Mun, both coming from the class of C31. Then, third prize was awarded to Anthea Theo from C32; not far behind, second prize went to Cheng Wan Ying from S3, and at last, the champion from category A goes to Ooi Hui Yi from SE21.
As for Category B, the consolation prizes went to Teoh Jin Yen from J31 and Wong Yun Zheng from SE1. Estelle Sia Yu Qi from SE11 stole the spot for third prize, while second place went to Pang Jun Wen of S1. Finally, the champion of Category B was Samuel Phun from S1.
Sing Yu from J2E1, the champion in Category C, expressed herself to be joyful as her preparation and hard work for the competition did not go to waste. At first, she felt quite pressured due to the large number of contestants and the competitiveness that filled the atmosphere. With 2 months spent in preparations, she felt extremely satisfied with her performance. Her general advice for people participating in this competition is to have a lot of water on hand as speaking can get really tiring.
Next, Samuel Phun, the champion of Category B, felt shocked as he had never expected himself to win the competition after seeing his other competitors. He found the event incredibly interesting as they are able to express their speaking abilities and pronunciation. He was grateful to be able to participate, gaining exposure to many interesting topics and meeting many new people through the event.
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