Lee Qi Hui’s journey to greatness

It has constantly been said that hard work always pays off, whatever you do – a common saying that has been proven to be true by Lee Qi Hui, a 2020 Han Chiang High School graduate. Qi Hui is currently pursuing the bachelor of dental technology in AIMST University, but has returned to visit Han Chiang High School to meet her teachers again.
Qi Hui pursued dental technology because she’s interested in handwork, and the course is heavily focused on it. Besides that, Qi Hui can work in a quiet environment, and she feels a great sense of accomplishment whenever she finishes her work. she’s a first-year student in dental technology, which deals with the introduction of basis medical sciences like anatomy and physiology to enhance her understanding in dentistry, as well as developing the necessary laboratory skills to fabricate complete dentures, removable partial dentures and orthodontic appliances. As of now, Qi Hui’s lab work is usually carving, where she carves out 32 teeth from a wax block following the different shapes and sizes using three kinds of knives. Apart from that, University life for Qi Hui hasn’t been as relaxed and easy as others have said it would be, since there are multiple exams she has to prepare for and doesn’t have much free time.
The bachelor of dental technology takes four years to complete. In year two, the course will provide Qi Hui with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, oral microbiology, dental materials and prosthetic technology. Next, Qi Hui will attain the skills for fixed prosthodontics, fabricating intraoral maxillofacial prosthesis and complex occlusal splints, while focusing on health promotion and education through communication, sociology and psychology in year three. Lastly, the final year will specialise in the application of knowledge and skills involved in management of complex dental cases for Qi Hui. Dental technologists differ from dentists as their job is to help dentists by making the dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patients’ appearance, speech and ability to chew. Dental technology graduates also tend to have high employment opportunities, even if the students haven’t graduated yet, there would be people finding them to offer jobs, as there’s a lack of talented dental technologists.
Differences and Difficulties
On one hand, the teachers would guide the students step by step and give more personalised teachings for each student in high school. On the other hand, the teachers would just teach in a big lecture hall in university, and they wouldn’t teach the students individually. Despite that, students can still seek guidance from the teachers if they have any queries. As for difficulties, at the start when Qi Hui had to do practical work in the lab, her handwork was bad and she didn’t have much understanding about the course. Additionally, the teacher let loose of the students and only taught them afterwards. Therefore, Qi Hui had to do her own self-learning by going online and observing any related videos, but even with the help of videos and research it was still extremely challenging for her to get a grasp on it. Eventually, Qi Hui found the learning method most suitable for her and slowly practiced until she mastered it. In spite of Qi Hui having an exam where she had to identify all the pieces of lab equipment, she needed to have a good understanding about them, but the teacher didn’t bring the students to look at each piece of equipment one by one, so they had to do their own research to find out more. Qi Hui’s friends also played a big part in helping her overcome struggles. They always share information between each other, thus they can all learn and improve even more efficiently. In order for Qi Hui to overcome her exams, she organizes her time well to maximise studying proficiency. Otherwise, Qi Hui would not have nearly enough time.
Curriculum and Advice
Qi Hui was a former member of the Mass Communication Society in Han Chiang High School, and it helped train her communication skills. However, Qi Hui’s course is related to technology, so she doesn’t talk to the patients, unlike the dentists. Nevertheless, Qi Hui can communicate with her colleagues more fluently and effectively. Qi Hui also advised students to set a goal for them to reach at their final year, which is the bare minimum, so they know what to do after graduation and can make every effort to complete the goal. Qi Hui learnt this the hard way as she initially wanted to pursue a course in early childhood education, but changed to dental technology after a recommendation from a relative. Although there was still enough time for Qi Hui to make the switch, it’s still safer for students to confirm their target early to avoid any complications.
Future Plans
Qi Hui hopes to greaten her understanding in dental technology and improve her handwork during the upcoming years. After graduation, Qi Hui hopes to work in a lab or become a teacher, but she’s currently more focused on securing a place in a lab. Specifically, Qi Hui wants to work in a complete denture lab as it separates into various branches to do different work.
Qi Hui serves as an inspiration for students of Han Chiang to do their utmost, and they will succeed in life, no matter what their goal is. None of the students are any different from Qi Hui, so if she can do it, they can do it to.
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