Robotics Society: Another Glory

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
– Helen Keller.
Six students representing Han Chiang High School in the recent IOT Robotics Competition 2023 in Techdome Penang achieved glorious results. Despite facing intelligent students from other schools in Penang, Han Chiang High School’s students excelled in their performance. The preliminary round was held on the 6th of August whereas the final was held on the 9th of September. The competition was divided into two categories; participants could explore more in-depth about Python Coding and were required to code and control a project.
Under the guidance of Mr. Chin Kai Leek, one of the teams that represented Han Chiang High School emerged as champions. This team consisted of three astonishing students: Preston Chai Zhi Cheng (SE11), Ashton Yeoh (J2E2), and Jacqueline Boo Zi Jia (J33). Three of them are members of the Robotics Club and their teacher adviser, Mr Chin Kai Leek, played a significant role in their team’s success. After being notified about their remarkable results, they were interviewed about some details of their success.
Group leader Preston Chai Zhi Cheng expressed his delight upon receiving his competition results. After two months of rigorous training, he could finally relish their accomplishments. To achieve excellence in the competition, he embarked on a dedicated journey of self-improvement. He immersed himself in the world of Python programming, voraciously consuming books to expand his knowledge. Additionally, he took an active role in overseeing various online projects, honing his skill in controlling Python programs. He admitted that Python was not his usual terrain, which made the learning process challenging. That was until a saviour arrived; Mr Chin offered guidance to him and it allowed him to continue to strive. He emphasized the virtues of patience, determination, and hard work, highlighting that mastering Python is no easy feat. He encouraged students to take the initiative in their learning journey by leveraging resources such as YouTube videos and seeking guidance from coding professionals.
Another student who represented Han Chiang High School in this competition was Ashton Yeoh from J2E2. His accomplishment was a source of personal pride and earned him the respect of his peers. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chin, who provided him with the star opportunity to compete. In addition, he encourages aspiring participants to grasp the fundamentals of Python, emphasizing its essential role in their success. Although the coding challenges were challenging, their team’s collective teamwork proved instrumental in overcoming these hurdles.
Jacqueline Boo Zi Jia, hailing from J33 completed the team. Her debut in this competition left her with a flurry of nerves, as she was a first-timer. Jacqueline expressed deep gratitude to her two brilliant teammates, who were her steadfast companions on the path to triumph. She warmly encourages other students to join in, highlighting the challenge and fun that await those who embark on this exciting journey.
Teacher Advisor- Mr. Chin Kai Leek
Mr. Chin shared that, while preparing for the competition, his students initially lacked confidence due to their unfamiliarity with Python programming. Surprisingly, during the competition, they discovered that it wasn’t as daunting as they had thought. Mr. Chin acknowledged that at times, the Robotics Club’s strict regulations might deter students from engaging in project-based competitions. However, he expressed great satisfaction in seeing his students willingly participating in competitions that promise further accomplishments. He believes that these participating students serve as exemplary role models, inspiring others to take part in more competitions.
Furthermore, Mr. Chin emphasized the importance of learning from experiences, urging his students to pay close attention to its execution. He envisioned the Robotics Club hosting a competition one day and stressed that teachers, including himself, should refrain from overly restricting students, even if it means allowing them to make mistakes. He firmly believes that mistakes are valuable learning opportunities that enable students to grow more effectively by preventing and avoiding future errors. Additionally, he plans to implement a rewards system, recognizing and rewarding students who excel each month as a means to motivate and encourage even better performance and outstanding results.
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