Sarah Swea: The Return of a Genius

Opportunities don’t emerge by chance, you create them. Running widely for numerous competitions and bringing back astounding achievements everytime, Sarah Swea – an alumni of Han Chiang High School – is back on the run with her acceptance to the University of Oxford.
Past Achievements
Winning over 100+ medals and trophies during her golden era in Han Chiang High School, she is famously known for her broken record at the World’s Scholar’s Cup as Champion representing Malaysia. Moreover, she has earned the place as Malaysia’s best scholar and the Asimov Award as the highest scholar. Although she was actively participating in WSC, she also had won many other awards such as: consecutive wins of the ICAS English essay writing competitions, HELP university English debate competition championships, first in essay writing competition hosted by Trinity College, and so on.
Awarding Results
Although she had only a month’s preparation for Oxford’s yearly application while having to complete her A-levels examinations, she was shortlisted and interviewed within only a month’s time by the prestigious professors of Oxford. Without a doubt, her astonishing grades for her GCSEs, having 9A+, 4A* for her A-levels and astonishing grades for her IELTS definitely helped. Additionally, as she graduated as the 65th class in Han Chiang High School, she was awarded proudly as the best role model, the best in history, biology, and first language English.
It was not without hard work and sincere dedication that she managed to work her way to where she is now. Since her studies had a block due to MCO, she had found herself unable to focus and tended to lose track as online learning wasn’t as easy as it seemed, even getting unsatisfying results for her mocks. Furthermore, studying for her A-levels during MCO was a tough time for her to outgrow herself. She sacrifices a lot of her time to self revise and study for the subjects and further asking questions of her professor after classes. With her parents supporting her and standing by her, she gained control of herself and aced her A-levels cleanly.
Her acceptance to Oxford was a completely unexpected turn of events. She had never expected herself to join Oxford and had only applied on a whim: thinking she was gonna be rejected regardless, she might as well give it a shot. Therefore, she prepared all the required documents and essays to submit to Oxford without a second thought. In a blink of an eye, she was shortlisted a month later and was taken for an interview in Oxford and was later sent the letter of acceptance within one to two months.
As her interest for biomedical science grew in her high school years, her passion for it has become even more intense today. She has undertaken biology medical science as her major in Oxford. The campus of Oxford University appears to be extremely large as it contains different sectional majors which may seem quite confusing, but she expresses herself to be fascinated and is still in a state of shock after being accepted into such a prestigious school.
Heeding her advice, she wishes all the best for her juniors currently studying for GCSEs and recommends that younger juniors be well aware and consider how they will set their pathways for the future during their senior years as that is the most crucial time to make decisions. She is the pride of Han Chiang High School and certainly a role model to admire!
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