Singapore Holy Innocents’ High School Visit

In order to allow students to experience new things and get to learn from our school while gaining more knowledge, one of the earliest Chinese Catholic High School in Singapore, Holy Innocents’ High School, visited Han Chiang High School on the 6th of November. A total of 35 students and 4 teachers participate in this activity. All of them were from the soccer and netball team in their school. They planned to stay in Penang for four days and three nights.

Holy Innocents’ High School was a government-aided Chinese Catholic High School with a long history of 127 years located in Singapore. Their main goal was to nurture students to be compassionate and morally upright citizens, committed to serving God and society. So as to reach their goal, they provided excellent education to their students in all aspects including languages, science, humanity and aesthetics. Besides that, they also had a wide range of co curricular activities for students to choose from such as uniform, sports, performing arts, societies and clubs.

In her speech, Principal Kung Bee Lee gave a warm welcome to all students and teachers of Holy Innocents’ High School for visiting Han Chiang High School for the very first time. She stated that she really appreciated this golden opportunity of students interaction and cultural exchange which would help students to enrich their experiences while improving their social skills. She also pointed out that she was keen to learn more about their school and was looking forward to their outstanding performance. Besides, she hoped that some of our students could pursue their studies in universities of Singapore in the future.

Besides that, Mr Yap Chin Pok gave a presentation to introduce our school’s new technology course STEAM Education to the students and teachers from Holy Innocents’ High School. After that, a quick workshop was held for students to carry out a basic electric project by using a microprocessor called Arduino. They had the oppoturnity to learn how to light up an LED. All of them were very enthusiastic in participating and offered a positive performance.

One of the teachers from Holy Innocents’ High School, Mrs Ku Tin Tin pointed out that although this was her first time visiting Han Chiang High School, she was really impressed about our school and felt honoured to have the chance to learn from our school. She stated that some of the students who came to visit Penang were selected by teachers, but there were also some who volunteered to participate in this activity. Moreover, she mentioned that the students of their school were quite similar to ours as most of our students were also Chinese. What made them special was that they were a mission school which always emphasizes the character of their students, such as humility, integrity, respect and love.

Raphael Chua, a student of Holy Innocents’ High School, stated that the environment in our school is very comfortable as there are various facilities and most importantly, the air conditioner. This was his first time visiting Han Chiang High School and he felt very happy to learn something new which he won’t learn it in class. He was also amazed by the STEAM Education that the presentation had mentioned just now. Therefore, he was looking forward to his next visit to Han Chiang High School.

Zi Ning, a student of Holy Innocents’ High School, pointed out that our school offered a very wide range of quality education for students to discover what they were really interested in, which was very nice. She stated that the workshop was complicated but enjoyable. At the same time, she learned a lot about programming, coding and many more. Other than visiting Han Chiang High School, she mentioned that they also visited some famous attractions in George Town to understand the traditions and cultures in Penang.

Before the event ended, they were brought to the cultural centre to learn about the glorious history of our school as well as Penang. Lastly, the event went smoothly and came to a successful conclusion at 2:30p.m. in the afternoon.

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