SMK Chung Ling Idol Competition

As the saying goes, it takes two flints to make a fire. On the 30th of August 2023, Poo Shan Rui (S2) and Park Ju Won (CE12), won the first runner-up in the 67th Annual Penang High School Scout and Girl Guides Gathering Camp’s idol competition, which was held at SMK Chung Ling.
The Gathering camp was an opportunity to meet new friends and compete in various competitions. Competitions included: a dance competition, a banner competition, a backwoodsman cooking competition and the idol competition, which Shan Rui and Ju Won participated in. While Shan Rui had never participated in something like this before, Ju Won had some experience in the area as she had performed numerous times in primary school.
On the 30th of August 2023, they were set to be on stage. They were both bundles of nerves, anxiously awaiting their turn to perform. Though nervous, Ju Won and Shan Rui pulled through, singing “ Racing Into The Night” and winning first runner-up.
For Shan Rui, she joined the competition as she saw It as an opportunity to face new challenges and learn a new skill. She claimed that there wasn’t much time to prepare as their schedules were tight, but they managed to practice 2 weeks before the competition, calling on Zoom for hours at a time. While on stage, she felt nervous and thought her voice was trembling, but she couldn’t hear herself properly as the crowd was shouting and singing along.
Ju Won; more experienced in performing, wanted to join to show off her hard-earned skills. She was nervous before stepping on stage, but once she started singing, her nerves were replaced by energy. When they were announced as the first runner-up, Shan Rui was unbelievable and shocked, while Ju Won was thrilled and proud of Shan Rui and herself.
They both learned a lot from this experience, Ju Won now knows there’s no need to be nervous and that she should be more confident towards herself. Likewise, Shan Rui also learned to be more confident, and she plans to join more singing competitions in the future.
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