World Scholar’s Cup Regional Round Champion

It has always been said that teamwork makes the dream work – a cliché saying that proves to be true. On 15th and 16th April of 2022, Han Chiang High School participated in the Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup, held in Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS); against many scholars, 15 of Han Chiang’s very own came back triumphed with 100 medals and 11 trophies.
Among them, 4 students stood out: a dream team in the senior division – consisting of Estelle Sia Yu Qi from SE11, Samuel Phun Wei Xen from S1, and Yap Q-Ann from SE12 – as well as an emerging champion in the junior division – Wong Yeok Hei from J1E1. Yeok Hei and Estelle both claimed the School Top Scholar accolades in the Junior and Senior divisions respectively, emerging as the First Overall Champion Scholars of their own divisions. In the Senior division, Samuel and Q-Ann were not far behind, attaining trophies as the first, and second Champion Scholar runner-ups. As a team, Estelle, Samuel, and Q-Ann also obtained First Place Champion Team, scoring exceptionally in every event.
Expressing astonishment, Wong Yeok Hei stated that she never expected to be able to win so many awards in her first year of participation. She emphasised her gratitude towards her teammates – who had helped her come through this journey – for being there for her and progressing together. Behind her striking achievements, at times she wanted to give up with the competition clashing with her exams. Though in a tight spot, she overcame these difficulties effortlessly.
As for Estelle, who has been involved in this program for a while now, she was elated when she saw groundbreaking results at the competition. Her devotion to the program lasted throughout the pandemic, and in 2022, to participate again felt like a dream. She admits that balancing the World Scholar’s Cup and the rest of her life can be difficult sometimes, as she needs to work towards her own academic goals. Regardless, she feels that the program is worth the effort. With her teammates, she believes that things will work out and hopefully they will come out victorious in the Global Round.
Likewise, Samuel Phun has persevered throughout the 2-year hiatus and was in disbelief at his awards. Describing the program to be unique and fun, Samuel dedicates time and effort towards this competition. Similarly, Q-Ann was startled and delighted to have won. Unlike her teammates, the pandemic took a toll on her mental health. Gaining back her motivation, she performed amazingly in the regional round. To balance out her studies and the program, she makes sure to sort out her priorities.
In September, the Global Round will be commenced in Bangkok, and this year, the students hope to see new, improved results on the global theatre!
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