World’s Scholars Cup 2022 The Promising Futures of Han Chiang

Han Chiang High School’s WSC debate club is well known to have brought pride and glory back home with their astonishing results and awards in the Global Rounds as well as the Tournament of Champions. This time it’s no different, with competing teams’ efforts and achievements even getting recognized by the BEST! Anak Penang Youth Excellence Intensive Scheme.
The team for the senior category, Team 607, which consists of Yeoh Soon Meng, Estelle Sia Yu Qi and Samuel Phun Wei Xen collectively won 6th place in Team Writing and 8th place in Southeast Asia as a special award. Team 608 which consisted of Ooi Yan Jin, Christina Lee Davin and Yap Q-Ann also won BEST! Anak Penang, and lastly for the senior category Team 608 which was comprised of Teoh Qi En and Pang Jun Wen who were awarded 12th place in Team Debate.
As for the junior category Team 267 won BEST! Anak Penang with team members consisting of Wong Yeok Hei, Alycia Tan Rui Juin and Marcus Ch’ng Zi Xuan, who were awarded 7th place in Team Challenge when they competed in the Global Round.
Remarkable 1st position winner of Team 607 Yeoh Soon Meng has expressed that he is deeply grateful to be able to be a part of his beloved team and travel to Yale University in the United States of America. “My team (Estelle and Samuel) and I are the closest of friends. We went through much hardship and delights together. I really thank them a lot for making it possible to get this far, and the bonds that we have formed along the way are incredible.” he emphasised. The most memorable part of the competition, or perhaps in his life, was the Tournament of Champions. “The competition was really tough, alot tougher than the Globals, but we had lots of fun exploring Yale university and putting our knowledge to the test.” He further adds on his views on Han Chiang High School’s WSC club. “WSC is still a wonderful programme and I fully intend on continuing this year. As for the club, I’m actually heading it now, because I want to inspire the next generation and let them be able to experience what I had the privilege of experiencing.”
Fellow teammate from Team 607 Estelle Sia Yu Qi who won in all 4 individual challenges states that her experience in the United States was rather frightening yet exciting. She expressed how it was scary to visit a foreign place but with the company of her good friends and teammates she was able to turn it into a thrilling experience. However, 7 out of the 9 members who went on the trip got sick from the cold, as it was fall season. Overall, she thinks that the voyage was quite an eye opening experience. Working with her team proved to be a breeze, as she emphasizes on how effortless it was to work with her teammates in which she has good chemistry with. Unfortunately, she did have some regrets from competing in WSC. Mainly, she regrets not doing better, as she had high expectations after doing well in Bangkok for the global round. Even after studying hard day and night during her time in Yale (even missing events in order to study!), she still feels that she could have done better. Overall, she does cherish and appreciate this rare opportunity presented to her to compete with a worldwide playing field overseas, working with great people and experiencing many new things.
Finally, Yap Q-Ann, who individually won Gold in both Social Studies and History, pointed out that she felt that this competition was fairly bittersweet for her, as it was her final year competing in WSC. As a retiring senior, she wishes for a better future for WSC and its juniors. “I honestly think it (the club) might eventually hit a dry spot, since most newcomers who join don’t remain for very long,” she states. She hopes that there will be more commitment and passion shown in upcoming juniors who may join WSC, as Han Chiang High School has relatively high expectations for the club. “Especially after our senior, Sarah Swea, did so well in her time, the juniors might feel a little stressed and hesitant in their abilities especially when they have such big shoes to fill.” Nonetheless, Q-Ann still firmly believes that the aspiring juniors have great potential. Step by step, they too can achieve amazing results. “After all, even Sarah Swea started out small and worked her way up.” she adds, further encouraging the juniors to believe in themselves and strive to improve their skills individually and for WSC.
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