(一) 学生 Students

  1. 提高学生组织能力、领导能力及集体参与联课活动的精神。
    To enhance students’ organisational skills, leadership skills and the spirit of holistic participation in co-curricular activities.
  2. 培养学生自发自学的精神。
    To promote students’ self-learning attitude.
  3. 促进学生德、智、体、群、美、劳的发展。
    To foster student’s development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physical development, social skills and aesthetics and career-related experiences.
  4. 激发学生的潜能及发展其特长。
    To grow the students’ potential and develop their skills/competencies.
  5. 强调学生身心及锻炼体格。
    To develop students’ physical fitness and mental alertness.
  6. 推动各学会团体进行群育活动,提升纪律观念。
    To promote community-based activities and enhance their sense of discipline.


(二) 学会、团体顾问老师职责 Responsibilities of Teacher Advisors

  1. 每一个学会/团体应有至少1名顾问老师,以2名为准,试情况及学会人数增减之。
    Each society should have at least one teacher advisor, and he number of teachers will be increase according to the number of members in the society.
  2. 负责指导学会团体一切活动,包括团体组织、计划、执行、每年须带队及至少参与2次校外活动等。
    Responsible in giving guidance and direction to the society, including society organisation, yearly plan, society development and participates in at least 2 times co-curricular activities.
  3. 做为行政单位及学会团体之间的沟通桥梁。
    Relay all the important messages from the school to the members.
  4. 对会员表现进行评量,给予评分。
    Give marks to all the members of the society.
  5. 批示学会团体活动报告及财政报告。
    Approve society activity report and financial report.
  6. 每次团体活动,应有至少1名顾问老师在场监督。
    At least one teacher advisor should be present for each activity.
  7. 在额外练习或校队练习期间,应有至少1名顾问老师在场监督。
    At least one teacher advisor should be present for every extra training.

* 关注学生的出席率,应注意时常缺席的学生,通知联课处,必要时通知家长。
Teacher advisors are required to inform CCA Department and students’ parents/guardian of the poor attendance.



(三) 联课活动规章

  1. 凡本校学生必须参加至少1个联课活动团体。
    Student must participate in at least one co-curricular activity.
  2. 重点团体有优先选择会员的权利。
    Main societies will have priority to choose their members.
  3. 星期二和星期四,为联课活动时间,每位学生必须准时出席。
    Every student must be punctual when attending co-curricular activity.
  4. 新一届的执委在新学年必须留在原属的学会。
    New committee members elected for next year must be attached to that society.
  5. 凡参与该学会到毕业那一年的会员,联课处方会发联课证书。
    Certificates will be issued to students who are attached to the same society or club until their graduation.
  6. 若在假日举办活动,必须经顾问老师同意,再向联课处申请。
    Any weekend activities must be approved by the teacher advisor and also the Co-curriculum Department.
  7. 如要出外参加活动,必须得到联课处的批准,由顾问老师率领。
    All outdoor activities must be approved by the Co-curriculum Department, led by the teacher advisor.
  8. 严禁学生在联课期间使用手提电话,除非通过方益东副校长申请。
    Mobile phone is strictly prohibited during co-curriculum period, unless the application is approved by Mr. P’ng Yik Thon.
  9. 会员们必须听从顾问老师或执委们的指示,并给予充分的合作。
    Members are required to obey and fully cooperate with the teacher advisor and also committee members.
  10. 凡学生因故请假,须依规定向各自的学会团体顾问老师申请,方为有效。
    Students are required to get the approval from the teacher advisor if they wish to apply for sick leave.
  11. 联课活动期间,学生必须穿上各学会团体所指定的衣着(上半身为学会T恤衫,下半身为校裤/校裙)、仪容整齐和不得做出有损校誉的举止和言语。
    Students must strictly follow the dress code and grooming (Society T-shirt, school pants/skirt) that are specified by the society, ensuring tidiness and neatness to preserve the reputation of the school.
  12. 学生只能在上课之前、下课后及休息节处理联课事宜。
    Students can only deal with co-curricular matters before and after the school, and during recess time.
  13. 2019年开始,学生在上初二以后不得再更换联课活动。(除了特殊情况)
    Students are required to stay in the same society after he/she has been promoted to Junior 2 (except exceptional conditions.)





(四) 总平均奖励方式 Average Reward Method
Average Reward Method_1

Average Reward Method_2